1 in 415 Women Will Develop Uterine Cancer From minimally invasive and robot assisted hysterectomies


Uterine-Cancer-Power-Morcellator-300Deadly cancers of the uterus are being spread by minimally invasive and robot assisted hysterectomies. Help us bring an end to spreading cancer with morcellation by visiting. Morcellators, electronic devices used to remove tissue during hysterectomies and other gynecological surgeries, have been tied to the spread of a rare, but aggressive, uterine cancer called leiomyosarcoma. Since 2013, a number of morcellator cancer lawsuits have been filed against Ethicon Inc., Blue Endo, Lina Medical, and other medical device manufacturers that market these instruments. Plaintiffs in these lawsuits claim that they were never warned that morcellation has the potential to “seed” undiagnosed leiomyosarcoma present in uterine fibroids, leading to the spread of the cancer.

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