DaVinci Lawsuit Trial Continues After Plaintiff Urged Jurors To Award $300 Million And Find Intuitive Negligent For Injuries.


DaVinci Lawsuit Against Intuitive Claims The DaVinci Surgical Robot Used During Her Hysterectomy Caused Severe Internal Injuries.

davinci-lawuit-trialDaVinci Lawsuit Trial News: Dr. Francois Blaudeau of Southern Med Law gave a graphic description during the DaVinci robot lawsuit trial of the extreme side-effects his client allegedly suffered from a robot-assisted hysterectomy in February 2009. Dr. Blaudeau told a California state jury that “five and a half weeks after her hysterectomy, sitting in her bathroom on the commode, she heard a pop. And she looked down, and her bowels were falling out.”

Dr. Blaudeau told the Santa Clara County jury that as a result of the minimally invasive hysterectomy, the woman’s intestines protruded through her vagina, which required her to undergo an invasive emergency surgery. The plaintiff contends in her $300 million DaVinci lawsuit against Intuitive Surgical Inc., which manufactures the DaVinci robotic device, that DaVinci’s electrified scissors were not sufficiently insulated. As a result, electricity purportedly surged through the instruments and caused injury to surrounding tissue, including the bowel. The plaintiff stated in her complaint that her surgery damaged her rectal muscles and permanently affected her sex life. The DaVinci product liability lawsuit contends that Intuitive failed to adequately perform tests on the DaVinci robot and withheld information from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about its risks. (DaVinci Case No. 1-12-CV-237723, Superior Court of the State of California, County of Santa Clara)

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The Da Vinci Surgical System allows surgeons to use computer and software technology to control and move surgical instruments through one or more tiny incisions in a patient’s body. Although it’s called a “robot,” the device is not actually a robot because it cannot perform surgery without direct human control. Robotically assisted surgical devices, such as DaVinci, have a console where the surgeon sits during surgery, a “bedside cart” that contains components the surgeon controls during surgery, and a separate cart that contains supporting hardware and software components.
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In July 2013, the FDA sent a warning letter to Intuitive after an inspection of its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California showed the company needed to correct several problems. While Intuitive sent letters to doctors and hospitals about the problems, the FDA said the company did not send letters as required to the agency. Among the problems was arcing through defective tip covers that caused patient injuries. Dr. Blaudeau explains that arcing is a common malfunction that causes electric currents to leak out of the daVinci device and cause sparks. The arcing electricity comes from the device’s monopolar energy instruments that surgeons use to cut and grasp tissue including the Monopolar Curved Scissors, PK gyrus bipolar grasper and Prograf grasper. Surgeons are not always aware of the problem because their view is obstructed by the machine itself, Dr. Blaudeau said.
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