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Essure Birth Control Lawsuits: Advocates Of Essure Lobby For Passage of Ariel Grace’s Law


Essure Birth Control Lawsuits Represented By Southern Med Law Alleging Failure To Warn Of Essure Risks Including Unintended Pregnancies, and Hysterectomies As Essure birth control lawsuits continue after favorable ruling in California court, Advocates for proposed legislation to reform the review process of medical devices, like Essure, are going to Washington, D.C. in September. The […]

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Talcum Powder Lawsuits Examine Over 20 Studies Linking Ovarian Cancer With Talcum Powder Use


Women Filing Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits Allege They Developed Ovarian Cancer After Consistent Use Of Johnson & Johnson’s Talcum Powder. A recently filed talcum powder cancer lawsuit notes more than 20 epidemiological studies have shown a link between the use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. The studies have been published since the early 1970s […]

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Essure Lawsuits Continue With Filing Of Claim Alleging Essure Complications Led To Hysterectomy


Essure Lawsuits Allege Women Require A Hysterectomy And Other Surgeries To Remove The Essure Birth Control Device, Investigates Southern Med Law Essure Lawsuitscontinue as a Tennessee woman has filed an Essure hysterectomy lawsuit that claims complications with Bayer’s birth control system allegedly caused her to undergo a hysterectomy to remove the implanted device. The plaintiff’s […]

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Physiomesh Lawsuit Information Webpage Looks To Inform of Possible Hernia Mesh Failure

hernia-mesh lawsuits-physiomesh-lawsuit-physiomesh-failures-recall-complications-problems-lawyer

Southern Med Law Is Investigating Physiomesh Lawsuit Inquires After Ethicon Inc.‘s Market Withdrawal Of Its Hernia Mesh After Reports of High Revision Rates Southern Med Law has launched a Physiomesh Lawsuit information page to provide Information to the public on Ethicon Inc.’s voluntary withdrawal of Ethicon Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh. The Johnson & Johnson subsidiary […]

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Judge Overseeing Essure Side Effects Lawsuits Allows Litigation To Proceed


Essure side effects lawsuits Allege Failure To Warn Of Punctured Organs, Ectopic Pregnancy And Other Risks Associated With Essure Birth Control. A California state court judge will allow 11 consolidated Essure side effects lawsuits filed by 14 women to move forward against Bayer, the birth control device’s manufacturer. In ruling for the plaintiffs, Alameda County […]

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Duodenoscope Lawsuits Looks At Study Showing Bacteria Still Found on Medical Scopes After Cleaning


Duodenoscope Infection Lawsuits Filed By Patients Who Suffered Superbug Infections Allegedly From Bacteria Transmitted From Contaminated Medical Scopes. As filings continue of duodenoscope lawsuits alleging contaminated medical scopes transmit bacteria that seriously or fatally harms patients, a study has found that bacteria remains on the devices even after high-level disinfection. The tainted scopes are at […]

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Viagra Melanoma Lawsuits MDL One of Three Fastest Growing Multidistrict Litigations Formed


Filings Of Viagra Melanoma Lawsuits Began Increasing After Studies Linked Sildenafil To An Increased Risk Of Melanoma Skin Cancer. The recently established Viagra melanoma lawsuit more than doubled in four weeks’ time, becoming one of three fastest growing multidistrict litigations (MDL) nationwide, court statistics show. The Viagra melanoma cancer lawsuits allege Pfizer Inc., which manufactures […]

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Number of Zofran Birth Defects Lawsuits Continue To Rise Alleging Cleft Lips and Heart Defects

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Mirena Pregnancy Lawsuits Will Continue Despite Dismissal of Mirena Injury Lawsuits


Mirena Pregnancy Lawsuits Allege Bayer Failed To Warn About The Risks Of Miscarriage, Ectopic Pregnancy, And Fetal Death Allegedly Caused By Its Mirena IUD. Mirena pregnancy lawsuits filed by women who became pregnant while using the Mirena Intrauterine Device (IUD) will continue despite a recent dismissal of Mirena injury lawsuits. The Mirena pregnancy lawsuits moving […]

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Cook Medical Beacon Tip Catheters Under Global Voluntary Recall

Beacon Tip Angiographic Catheters Recall

Cook Medical Says Its Beacon Tip Angiographic Catheters Tip Has The Potential To Break Or Split And Cause Serious Injuries. Citing safety concerns for patients worldwide, Cook Medical issued a voluntary Beacon Tip catheter recall for about 4.1 million catheters due to complaints over tips splitting or fracturing. There have been no reports of patient […]

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