Power Morcellator Leiomyosarcoma | Uterine Sarcoma

Power Morcellator Leiomyosarcoma | Uterine Sarcoma

Leiomyosarcoma, Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Uterine Sarcoma

Leiomyosarcoma-Uterine-Sarcoma-sarcoma-of-uterusLeiomyosarcoma is an especially aggressive form of uterine sarcoma. The disease is difficult to detect prior to hysterectomy or fibroid removal, as there currently exists no reliable way to screen for these types of tumors prior to surgery. In many cases, women are diagnosed post-operatively, after their tissue has been biopsied. If a morcellator was used in that the procedure, the device may have allowed the cancer cells to spread.

According to the FDA, one of every 350 women who undergo hysterectomy or myomectomy for uterine fibroids have uterine sarcoma. Leiomyosarcoma occurs in 1 out of 498 women undergoing these procedures. Both of these estimates are higher than the clinical community previously understood.

If a woman with undiagnosed leiomyosarcoma undergoes uterine morcellation, cancer cells can be scattered throughout the pelvic and abdominal cavity, resulting in the development of metastatic leiomyosarcoma. Patients with non-metastatic leiomyosarcoma have a five-year survival rate of about 50 percent. However, the 5-year survival rate drops to between 4 and 16 percent for those with metastatic leiomyosarcoma.

Legal Help for Victims of Power Morcellator Leiomyosarcoma Side Effects

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