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Drug-Pharmaceutical-LawsuitsAccording to statistics from the U.S. Center for Disease Control, 80% of American adults take at least one prescription drug. While most are safe and effective, it is estimated that some 100,000 people die annually due to adverse drug reactions. All too often in their quest for profit, pharmaceutical companies rush new products to market without adequate testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness. When their negligence leads to patient injuries and deaths, filing a prescription drug lawsuit can allow victims and their survivors to obtain the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses and other damages. But no matter how strong your case, you’re unlikely to succeed in any fight against a big drug company without strong legal representation on your side.

As a practicing attorney and obstetrician/ gynecologist, Dr. François Blaudeau possesses a unique understanding of the medical and legal questions at issue in prescription drug injury claims. It is this in-depth knowledge that is tantamount to a successful legal representation that protects the rights of the injured. The staff at Southern Med Law is not only trained in successfully handling your legal needs but also understand the pain and suffering and treatment from a medical point of view.

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Southern Med Law is committed to protecting the rights of all individuals injured by dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, and harmful products, due to companies putting profits before people. A dedicated leader in medical injury litigation, Southern Med Law has successfully taken on some of the largest medical companies on behalf of their clients. Southern Med Law now offers free legal consultations to those who have been injured due to a defective drug, medical device, or harmful product. Call 1-205-547-5525 or fill out our online form located on the website.

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