Essure Birth Control Lawsuits: Advocates Of Essure Lobby For Passage of Ariel Grace’s Law


Essure Birth Control Lawsuits Represented By Southern Med Law Alleging Failure To Warn Of Essure Risks Including Unintended Pregnancies, and Hysterectomies

essure-lawsuit-side-effectsAs Essure birth control lawsuits continue after favorable ruling in California court, Advocates for proposed legislation to reform the review process of medical devices, like Essure, are going to Washington, D.C. in September. The group plans to lobby for support of Ariel Grace’s Law after the Essure birth control device has injured many women and have resulted in numerous Essure birth control lawsuits being filed alleging that Essure causes complications, including chronic pain, ectopic pregnancy, hysterectomies and even fetal deaths.

“Southern Med Law encourages Congressional members to discuss the need for this legislation and move it out of committee and into the full House for a favorable vote,” says Dr. François Blaudeau, co-founder of Southern Med Law, and a practicing obstetrician/ gynecologist.

Southern Med Law will be watching the progress of Arieal Graces’s Law, as the firm is currently representing numerous women in multiple medical device lawsuits involving Essure side effects, Mirena IUD pregnancies, the spread of cancer through power morcellator procedures, and complications from surgeries involving the DaVinci Surgical Robot. You can arrange for a free, no obligation legal consultation to learn more about Essure lawsuits and injuries from other medical devices by calling Southern Med Law to speak with one of our experienced attorneys at (205) 547-5525 or you can visit to fill out a contact form and receive more information.

According to Essure Problems, a support group for women who have been injured by Esure, advocates are meeting with key representatives in Washington on September 13th and 14th to discuss the bill, which is pending in a House congressional committee. In June, Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, R-Pa. and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, D-NY, introduced H.R. 5403 “Ariel Grace’s Law,” named after Ariel Grace Burrell, whose stillborn birth was caused by the failure of an Essure birth control device. The bill calls for amending the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulations and hold manufacturers liable for injuries caused by their high risk medical devices. The bill also allows injured victims to seek legal recourse against the medical device’s manufacturer.

At the same time Ariel Grace’s Law was announced, Fitzpatrick and Slaughter introduced the Medical Device Guardians Act of 2016 (H.R. 5404). The bill adds doctors to the list of groups required to report to the FDA adverse events involving medical devices. The proposed legislation stems from the controversy over laparoscopic power morcellators which are used to remove uterine fibroids and have the potential to spread undetected cancer cells during surgery.

Essure is a non-hormonal, permanent birth control system which received FDA approval in 2002. The small flexible device, manufactured by Bayer, has metal coils that are inserted into each fallopian tube. In three months, a scar-tissue barrier forms around the inserts that prevents insemination.

Court documents indicate that Essure lawsuits are being filed on behalf of women who have been implanted with Essure and suffered complications. Bayer has argued that it is shielded from product liability lawsuits involving Essure because the device received premarket approval from the FDA. However in recent months, Bayer’s request to dismiss Essure complaints have been denied. Recently, a California state court judge and a federal judge in Pennsylvania denied Bayer’s request to dismiss Essure lawsuits and allow the complaints to move forward on failure to warn and negligence claims.(Essure Birth Control Lawsuits Case No. 2:14-07315, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania)

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