Essure Lawsuits Could Examine Why Bayer Halted Global Sales Of Essure Except In The United States


Filings Of Essure Lawsuits Allege Women Suffer From Chronic Pain, Excessive Bleeding, Unwanted Pregnancy, And Other Birth Control Side-Effects From Essure.

Essure-Birth-Control-Lawsuits-Southern-Med-LawBayer Pharmaceutical Laboratories announced it would stop selling Essure Birth Control in all countries except the United States. The company said the decision was made for commercial reasons and is not related to a safety or product quality issue. In the United States, women have filed Essure lawsuits filings alleging that the Essure birth control device causes serious injuries and side effects such as ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, crippling pain, and organ perforation. Some women underwent a hysterectomy in order to resolve Essure complications, according to the lawsuits.

Here in the United States, Bayer is facing 5,700 Essure lawsuits in state and federal courts nationwide. The Essure lawsuits commonly allege that the birth control device is not safe and Bayer failed to adequately warn women that Essure can cause such problems as debilitating pelvic and abdominal pain, excessive bleeding, fatigue, bloating, back pain and allergic reaction to the nickel in the coils. The Essure lawsuits also allege women suffered unwanted pregnancy, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, adult and fetal deaths, and the need to have a hysterectomy to remove Essure. One birth control lawsuit was filed by 74 women alone in San Diego County and deemed as a mass tort. (Essure Side-Effects Lawsuit Case No. 37-2017-00029127, Superior Court of California, County of San Diego)

Odeh J. Issis and Evan T. Rosemore, along with other Southern Med Law attorneys, are currently representing numerous women in Essure lawsuits who have suffered serious side-effects from the permanent birth control device.

“Many Women from around the country, who have had an Essure implant and suffered injuries, have contacted our law firm to ask about the legal options available to them.” says Southern Med Law’s Founder, Dr. François Blaudeau, a practicing attorney and obstetrician/gynecologist who strongly advocates for women in Essure lawsuits.

The firm continues to speak with women and urges those who believe they have suffered injuries from the Essure birth control system to contact the office. The firms attorneys are alway available to evaluate your situation and your legal rights. You can call Southern Med Law at (205) 547-5525 or you can visit to fill out a contact form and receive more information.

In its press release in French, Bayer said the company will stop marketing Essure in France and will not continue the process or renewing the CE marking of Essure for European countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The CE mark is a legal designation that a manufacturer’s product has met the requirements of all relevant Medical Device Directives in the European Union (EU). The EU had already suspended Essure sales in the 28-nation bloc for three months beginning in August because of regulatory concern, according to the Sun Daily newspaper. Bayer also said Monday that its decision to stop marketing Essure in France extends the announcement the company made in May to stop the availability of Essure in most countries. In recent months, Bayer stopped Essure sales in Australia, Brazil, Canada and Finland.

Essure is a permanent birth control system approved in 2002 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The small device has two flexible coils that are inserted into the fallopian tubes. Scar tissue forms around the coils over a three-month period to prevent insemination by blocking the fallopian tubes.

In the United States, advocacy groups and Congress members have called on the FDA to ban Essure. The federal regulatory agency has not banned the birth control device. However, after receiving over 5,000 complaints about Essure, the FDA, in 2016, called for a black box warning on Essure.

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