Fun-Facts You May Not Know

Fun-Facts You May Not Know

Everyone Once In A While We Come Across Something Interesting That We didn’t Know. We started This Page To Share These Fun-Facts With You In Hopes That It Provides A Break To Your Crazy Day.

Red Solo Cups

Red-Solo-Cup-Fun-FactsThe Red Solo Cup. We all know them, we’ve all used them at backyard parties, beach clam bakes, and birthday and graduation parties. We’ve even sung along with them. The Red Solo Cup is an iconic image of our lives, but did you know the lines on your #redsolocup actually mean something. According to an article on Yahoo News, the lines on the iconic red solo cup weren’t designed for aesthetics reasons or for an easier grip. Rather, they correspond to a the commonly used fluid-ounce measurement system in a unique way.

What the lines on your Red Solo Cup mean:

  • Starting from the bottom of the solo cup up, they mark one ounce – a perfect of shot tequilia – It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.
  • The next line is five ounces – which is your standard wine pour; the next one up is 12 ounces (a typical can of beer or soda);
  • The next is 16 ounces – or the perfect pint;
  • And the last line up before the rim is 18-ounce or the mark for any overflow from ice.
  • You can visit this red solo cup link to read more on Yahoo.

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