IUD Pregnancy Lawsuit Settled Involving Death Of Fetus In Connecticut


IUD Pregnancy Lawsuit Claims Contend Pregnancy Complications Such As Harmful Infections, Ectopic Pregnancies, Miscarriages, And The Death of the Baby

Mirena-IUD-Side-Effects-Lawsuit-Attorney-Southern-Med-LawSouthern Med Law, which represents families in IUD Birth Injury Lawsuit Claims, notes that an IUD injury lawsuit was recently settled involving a couple who’s 22-week-old fetus died while trying to remove an intrauterine device (IUD). IUDs, including the Mirena IUD are the subject of birth injury lawsuits filed on behalf of families who allege the birth control device causes infections, complicated pregnancies and the death of their babies.

The couple maintains in their wrongful death and malpractice complaint that the Connecticut doctor punctured the mother’s fetal membrane while trying to remove an IUD, according to an Associated Press report. The couple alleges the doctor did not determine whether the woman was pregnant before attempting to remove the IUD in 2011. The fetus was born alive but died two hours later. Terms of the settlement agreement were confidential.
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“This lawsuit is similar to other claims involving intrauterine devices, like Mirena IUD, due to the serious and fatal injuries the contraceptives have on women and their babies,” says Dr. François Blaudeau, founder of Southern Med Law, which is investigating Mirena Birth Injury Lawsuit complaints.

The law firm’s attorneys are currently representing an Alabama family in a Mirena IUD Birth Injury Lawsuit in which the IUD could not be removed during pregnancy and the mother developed an intrauterine infection that lead to her baby’s death. The Mirena complaint names Bayer, Bay Area Physician for Women, P.C., and two of the woman’s healthcare providers as defendants. (Case No. 02-CV-2014-902242.00, Mobile County (Alabama) Circuit Court)

Intrauterine devices are small, flexible, T-shaped contraceptives inserted directly into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. The Mirena IUD, manufactured by Bayer HealthCare, is among the most popular contraceptives on the market because it is promoted to women as lasting for up to five years. However, the device places mothers and their babies at risk should pregnancies occur inside or outside of the uterus. Mirena IUD lawsuits contend the IUDs migrate and become embedded in the uterine wall or may puncture the uterus. Attempting to remove the device during pregnancy can pose severe injuries or death to the baby. For instance, a developing fetus’ exposure to levonorgestral, a synthetic form of progestin that Mirena releases, may cause malformations such as anencephaly, (missing parts of a brain and skull), and acalvaria (skull abnormalities).
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Southern Med Law further notes that the Connecticut case brings up an issue under debate in other states of whether a fetus has legal status. According to a study by Duke University, some states have already passed homicide laws that recognize a fetus as a human, and makes it a crime to kill a fetus as it would any other human being. The question in civil wrongful death lawsuits, like the Connecticut case, is whether a case could be filed where the fetus was not fully developed enough to live outside of the womb. The judge presiding over the Connecticut case moved the lawsuit forward, saying that there were no specific state case laws regarding the issue and courts in other states ruled on both side of the issues.

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