Laminate Flooring Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against Lumber Liquidators For Formaldehyde Danger


Lumber Liquidators If Facing A Laminate Florring Class Action Lawsuits After It Was Found To Have Potentially Dangerous Levels Of Formaldehyde That Could Cause Serious Health Risks

Laminate-Floor-Class-Action-Lawsuit-Lumber-Liquidators-Southern-Med-LawLaminate flooring class action lawsuits has been filed by three California state residents against Lumber Liquidators, Inc. in Alameda County Superior Court alleging the company knowingly produced laminate wood flooring that contained a formaldehyde level well over the limit set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). As the governmental environmental protection agency for California CARB set a maximum level of formaldehyde emissions. According to the complaint Lumber Liquidators allegedly not only produced laminate wood flooring exceeding the levels but also advertised and warrantied the guarantee that their products were in compliance with CARB which the plaintiffs allege is false. The lumber liquidator class action lawsuit calls for the company to comply with CARB formaldehyde standards as well the reimbursement of all money paid in due to ill-advised laminate wood flooring, the damages, and punitive damages. []

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Laminate Flooring Class Action Lawsuits

Lumber Liquidators is a fast-growing North American hardwood flooring retailer. The company is the largest in its category having over 360 stores in 46 states with revenues of more than a billion dollars a year. Lumber Liquidators also produces inexpensive laminate flooring of which more than 100 million square feet has been installed in American homes each year. Leaving the potential for tens of thousands of homes across the country in jeopardy of having the contaminated laminate flooring installed in their homes. Lumber Liquidators is a United States company however, China produces a large portion of its laminate flooring, and may not have been produced to US standards.

China is alleged of failing to meet health and safety standards with high levels of the cancer-causing agent formaldehyde being omitted through their product. The three plaintiffs in the Lumber Liquidator class action lawsuits purchased flooring from the company that was unlawful due to the exceeding amount of formaldehyde present in the laminate flooring. The lawsuits claim that specialized laboratory tests were conducted to test formaldehyde emission levels in the flooring, resulting in the discovery of the unlawful limits. Moreover, more than 150 boxes of the laminate flooring purchased at California stores were lab-tested in three different certified facilities. The boxes are equipped with a label stating its compliance with CARB. Also alleged is that the company advertised on its website that the product was environmentally friendly and compliant with the formaldehyde limitation set by CARB, while being aware that their product breached the standard. The company supports the validity of the safety of their Chinese-made laminate flooring despite the claims. The plaintiffs now plan to replace the flooring, a long and expensive procedure.

The laminate flooring lawsuit asks the court to declare the actions of Lumber Liquidators a clear violation of the regulations set by CARB and to order the company to discontinue the sale of the unlawful flooring. The lawsuit also asks for the company to fully reimburse the money spent by consumers for their flooring, to pay for damages for selling the ill-advised flooring, and to pay for punitive damages for knowingly have committed this deceit.

Formaldehyde in the United States

In the United States, flooring is legally prohibited from containing above a restricted amount of formaldehyde. The chemical can be found in some cheap glues used in Chinese factories not unlike the one in question. Formaldehyde serves as a binding agent in glues specifically to bind wood particles together making core boards in laminate flooring. The flooring has a laminated top layer covering the core board in effort to keep most of the emissions from escaping. The top layer is successful in keeping most emissions from escaping although some formaldehyde is able to leak into the air. The amount that actually reaches human lungs is dependent on the levels of the chemical in the glue and how well ventilated the home is. Formaldehyde has been found to cause myeloid leukemia and nasopharyngeal cancer when people are exposed high levels. Low levels of the chemical are found to cause respiratory issues and eye, nose, and throat irritation. California has set strict regulations for the amount of the formaldehyde allowed to be emitted through laminate flooring. California is not the only state in which China produced laminate floors contained unlawful levels of formaldehyde. According to CBS news they purchased 31 boxes from various states including, Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Texas, and New York finding only one sample complying with the emission standards.

Legal Help For Consumers of Unlawful Laminate Flooring Purchased from Lumber Liquidators

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