Mirena Pregnancy Facebook Page Aimed To Supply News and Information On IUD Risks


Southern Med Law And Its Founder, Dr. Francois Blaudeau, Are Representing Women In Mirena Complaints and Developed The New Mirena Pregnancy Facebook Page Was Developed To Supply News And Information For Patients and Clients Who Have Become Pregnant While On The Mirena IUD Birth Control Device

Mirena-IUD-Pregnancy-Birth-Defects-Southern-Med-LawSouthern Med Law, is currently representing women in Mirena IUD lawsuits and has launched a Mirena Pregnancy Facebook page to aid in informing patients and clients of the potential risks associated with the IUD birth control device. The law firm has taken to social media as another way to effectively raise awareness of the risks of becoming pregnant while on the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD). Southern Med Law’s aggressive legal advocacy is due to the fact that the firm’s founder, Dr. Francois Blaudeau, is a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist and attorney involved in women’s health issues. Dr. Blaudeau and the law firm are filing Mirena Pregnancy and side effects lawsuits on behalf of women who allege that the Mirena contraceptive device may lead to miscarriages, uterine perforations, premature births, organ damage, and other injuries. Posts on the Firm’s Mirena Pregnancy and Birth Defects Facebook page will reflect Mirena studies, news, and court proceedings and as well as other information birth control side-effects information.

“Adding social media to our advocacy efforts further shows our commitment to providing as much information as possible on the pregnancy and birth defects that can occur as a result of using the Mirena IUD,” says Dr. Blaudeau.

As stated in court documents and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Mirena is birth control device that releases a synthetic form of progestin called levonorgestral, directly into the uterus for up to five years. Court documents state that Mirena, made by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, is an effective birth control device for the most part, but women have become pregnant while using the contraceptive. The FDA issued a warning in 2008 and directed Bayer to update its safety labels to indicate that Mirena can migrate from its original position in the uterus and perforate (puncture) the uterus, the intestines or other organs. According to the warning label, an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy outside of the uterus), an intrauterine pregnancy (pregnancy inside of the uterus) as well as infertility may result if perforation occurs. The removal or manipulation of Mirena may result in the loss of pregnancy, according to the safety label. The law firm adds that the Mirena Pregnancies and Birth Defects Facebook page will include any safety labeling changes or other announcements made by the FDA regarding Mirena.
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Court records show that nearly 3,200 Mirena IUD complaints are pending in state and federal courts on behalf of women who allege such injuries as organ damage, miscarriages, scaring and adhesions and infertility as a result of using the Mirena birth control device. The Mirena IUD complaints purport that the intrauterine device is “defective and unreasonably dangerous” and Bayer downplayed the risk of its contraceptive. (In Re: Mirena IUD Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2434) (In Re: Mirena Litigation; Case No. 297)

The law firm’s Pregnancies and Birth Defects Facebook page will include updates on Mirena IUD lawsuits, including one in which Dr. Blaudeau is involved. According to the Mirena pregnancy complaint, an Alabama woman was told in January 2012, three and a half years after receiving the Mirena IUD, that she was pregnant. The court filing states that the woman was given an ultrasound which showed that the contraceptive was still present in her uterus, but her doctors were not able to locate its strings to facilitate its removal. The Mirena claim further states that complications occurred and the woman was taken to the hospital and delivery was induced on August 4, 2012. According to the Mirena complaint, her baby suffered from a right-sided diaphragmatic hernia, pulmonary hypertension, degenerated right pulmonary artery, a large patent ductus-arteriosis and persistent fetal oxygenation. The complaint purports that Bayer was aware the its Mirena IUD was defective in design and unreasonably dangerous but failed to redesign the birth control device so that it could be easily removed when it failed to prevent pregnancy. (Case No. 02-CV-2014-902242.00)

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