Mirena Pregnancy Lawsuit Alleging Wrongful Death Filed By Southern Med Law


Mirena Pregnancy Lawsuit Alleges Woman’s Son Was stillborn After she Became pregnant While Using Mirena IUD) and the Device Could Not Be Removed

Mirena-Pregnancy-Lawsuit-Attorney-Southern-Med-LawDr. Francois Blaudeau of Southern Med Law has filed another Mirena pregnancy lawsuit against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc., the manufacturer of the Mirena IUD. This most recent complaint, is a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of a Georgia woman whose son was stillborn in 2013 after she became pregnant while using the Mirena IUD and the birth control device could not be removed. The Mirena pregnancy lawsuit alleges the company knew or should have known that Mirena’s defective design causes unreasonably dangerous risks and serious side effects, including death of the fetus.(Mirena Pregnancy Lawsuit Case No. 5:16-cv-00144)

Southern Med Law states in their wrongful death lawsuit that their client was implanted with the Mirena IUD in June of 2009 and in February of 2013 discovered she was pregnant. Her doctor was unable to remove the IUD because its T-shaped arms were embedded in her uterine wall. Southern Med Law states their client experienced bleeding and cramping and gave birth in her second trimester to a stillborn boy who weighed 49.3 grams. The Mirena pregnancy lawsuit accuses Bayer of knowing that “there were safety issues for the unborn fetus when Mirena remained in place during an intrauterine pregnancy due to the defective design.” As a consequence of Bayer’s negligence, the Mirena IUD failed to prevent pregnancy and caused the death of the baby because the device could not be removed. The complaint accuses Bayer of intentionally concealing the truth about the safety risks. Their client states that had she and her doctor received adequate warnings about Mirena, she would not have had the Mirena implant. The Mirena pregnancy lawsuit which was filed April 18, 2016 in the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Georgia.

Southern Med Law founder Dr. François Blaudeau is representing the Georgia woman and her family has stated “Bayer has not told the truth about problems with Mirena and we think the warning labels need to change,” but Bayer “wouldn’t sell as many” of the devices “if they told the truth in the warning labels.”

Mirena is a long-acting contraceptive device that was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2000. The intrauterine device releases levonorgestral, a synthetic form of progestin, directly into the uterus for up to five years. Mirena is recommended for women who have had at least one child. According to Bayer, the device is 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. However, Mirena IUD complaints allege the device is prone to spontaneous migration which plaintiffs contend can cause numerous complications including miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, scarring, uterine perforations, organ damage, and infertility. A migrating IUD will also fail to prevent pregnancy.

Dr. Blaudeua, who is also a gynecologist-obstetrician, and Southern Med Law are representing another family in a similiar Mirena pregnancy lawsuit. The Mirena IUD lawsuit was filed last year on behalf of an Alabama family whose baby died following his premature birth. The Mirena pregnancy lawsuit states that the Mirena IUD failed to prevent pregnancy, and due to problems locating its strings, made the device difficult to remove. The inability to remove the IUD allegedly caused the baby’s mother to develop an intra-uterine infection which led to their sons death following a premature rupture of membranes, chorioamnionitis and preterm delivery before his lungs were fully developed. (Mirena Pregnancy Lawsuit Case No. 02-CV-2014-902242.00)

About Southern Med Law and Filing A Mirena Pregnancy Lawsuit:

Throughout his career, Dr. Blaudeau has worked hard to develop a strong reputation in healthcare litigation. His first-hand knowledge of medicine has made the Southern Med Law team an aggressive and effective advocate for those who were harmed due to negligent medical device manufacturers. If your baby was harmed by the Mirena IUD, please contact Southern Med Law today to learn more about your legal rights. Call today for a free, no obligation Mirena IUD lawsuit review by filling out our online form, or by calling the office directly at 205-547-5525.

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