Morcellator Cancer Lawsuits Continue With Filing By Boston Widower Against Hospital, Surgeon And Morcellator Maker


Morcellator Cancer Lawsuits Purport Women Were Not Warned About Potential Cancer Risk Associated With Power Morcellators Prior To Undergoing A Hysterectomy.

morcellator-cancer-lawsuit-southern-med-lawMorcellator cancer lawsuits continue to be filed across the country on behalf of women who developed uterine cancer after undergoing a hysterectomy or fibroid removal using laparoscopic power morcellation. Southern Med Law is currently representing numerous women from across the country in power morcellator lawsuits and was the first to bring light to the risk of developing leiomyosarcoma after a laparoscopic hysterectomy through litigation in New York and Pennsylvania.

“This lawsuit is representative of many women and their loved ones who are seeking justice against the manufacturers of power morcellators who purported knew the laparoscopic device could result in the spreading of undetected cancer when using the robotic device. We encourage women and their survivors to come forward to report any harm that they have suffered due to laparoscopic power morcellation,” said Southern Med Law’s Founder, Dr. François Blaudeau, who filed the first power morcellation lawsuit in the United States involving a 53-year-old Pennsylvania woman who died in 2013 of metastatic leiomyosarcoma cancer, one year after having a robot-assisted hysterectomy with uterine morcellation. (Case No. 5:14-cv-1557, U.S. District Court, District of Pennsylvania)

The founder of Southern Med Law, Dr. Blaudeau possesses a unique understanding of the issues at the center of the recently filed complaint because he is both an attorney and practicing obstetrician/ gynecologist with a specialization in advanced gynecological surgery. Dr. Blaudeau and the firm are currently representing multiple families in Morcellator lawsuits and will continue to be a strong advocate for women’s health issues.

The firm continues to speak with women who have developed cancer after having power morcellation and we urge anyone who believes the are a victim of these robotic hysterectomy devices to contact Southern Med Law by calling 1-205-547-5525 or visit for more information on power morcellation news and litigation updates.

Court documents in this morcellator complaint indicate that a wrongful death lawsuit was filed June 18 on behalf of a widower whose wife was diagnosed with uterine cancer after undergoing a hysterectomy in 2012 in which a power morcellator was used. According to the lawsuit, the 52-year-old Boston woman died in December 2013. The morcellation complaint names as defendants, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, where the operation took place, morcellator manufacturer Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG, and the surgeon who performed the hysterectomy. The husband contends in the lawsuit that the hospital knew that the power morcellator had the potential to spread and upstage undetected cancer but failed to notify his wife of the cancer risk associated with the device. (Suffolk County Superior Court, Boston, Case No. 15-1829) According to the Wall Street Journal, the hospital continued using power morcellators two years after gathering information in 2011 that questioned the safety of morcellators. The hospital did not limit use of morcellators until December 2013, the Wall Street Journal reported.
[, June 25, 2015]

“Laparoscopic power morcellators are used to slice uterine tissue into pieces during a hysterectomy or myomectomy (removal of fibroids) so that the fragments can be removed through small incisions in the abdomen. As the morcellator slices the uterine tissue containing the undetected cancer cells, the device can disseminate the uterine tissue into the peritoneal cavity, where the cancer cells may spread throughout a woman’s body.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April 2014 discouraged surgeons from using power morcellators to perform hysterectomies or myomectomies because of the cancer risks involved with the device, according to court records and the FDA. In November 2014, the FDA updated its Power Morcellator warning by stating that the devices should be avoided in the vast majority of women who require hysterectomy or fibroid removal. The FDA explained that this patient population includes women who are in menopause, about to enter menopause, or those who are good candidates for minimally invasive procedures that do not require their use.

The law firm notes that in wake of the FDA’s warning against using power morcellators, the FBI launched an investigation into power morcellators. The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI’s probe will include whether Johnson & Johnson, the largest power morcellator manufacturer, and its Ethicon division, knew about the cancer risks associated with morcellators when Ethicon suspended sales and distribution of the product in April 2014.

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