Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit Filings Continue With Wrongful Death Complaint


Power Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit Alleges The Morcellation Procedure Used During Gynecological Surgery Spread An Upstage Uterine Cancer.

Power-Morcellator-Lawsuit-Uterine-CancerA recently filed wrongful death lawsuit alleges that a New York woman was diagnosed with an aggressive uterine cancer after undergoing power morcellation surgery in a New Jersey hospital. Filings of morcellator cancer lawsuits continue nationwide on behalf of women and their survivors who allege laparoscopic power morcellators, used during hysterectomies and to remove fibroids, can potentially spread uterine cancer, including a rare and aggressive form of cancer called, leiomyosarcoma.(Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit Case No. 4648-17, Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen County)

Southern Med Law and its founder, Dr. François Blaudeau continue to raise awareness of the cancer risk associated with laparoscopic power morcellators. In March 2014, Southern Med Law became the first law firm to file a power morcellator lawsuit in federal court. The case involved a Pennsylvania woman who died of disseminated leiomyosarcoma in February 2013, less than a year after undergoing a robot-assisted hysterectomy. The lawsuit against LiNA Medical APS, Kebomed AG and LiNA Medical USA was settled in July 2015. (Case No. 5:14-cv-1557, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania)

“Our law firm aggressively represents women whose lives have been devastated by cancer that developed after undergoing power morcellation surgery,” says Dr. Blaudeau, who is not only an attorney but a practicing obstetrician/ gynecologist.

Southern Med Law is dedicated to achieving justice for women who were harmed by power morcellators and other high-risk medical devices. If you suffered injuries from a power morcellator or other medical device and want to speak with one of the firm’s experienced attorneys, call 1-205-547-5525 or fill out a contact form on the firm’s website at

The lawsuit pending in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court names morcellator manufacturer Karl Storz Endoscopy, The Valley Hospital, and two of its doctors as defendants. According to the lawsuit, the woman had surgery to remove fibroids in November 2013. Prior to surgery, she expressed concern to her doctor about developing cancer and was told not to worry. A pathologist diagnosed a tissue sample taken after surgery as high-grade leiomyosarcoma, according to the complaint. The lawsuit contends the woman was never warned that the “use of a laparoscopic power morcellator could disseminate and upstage unsuspected cancer.” (Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit Case No. 4648-17, Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen County)

The spinning blades of a morcellator grind up uterine tissue into fragments for removal through small incisions in the abdomen. However, undetected cancer cells can hide within the tissue. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that approximately 1 in 352 women undergoing a hysterectomy or myomectomy (fibroid removal) have an unsuspected type of uterine sarcoma that includes leiomyosarcoma. According to the FDA, the prevalence of the rare and aggressive leiomyosarcoma is 1 in 498.

In November 2014, the FDA all but banned power morcellator used in the vast majority of women who require a hysterectomy or myomectomy. The FDA directed morcellator manufacturers to place a black box warning on their power morcellators about the cancer risk. After the FDA’s safety announcement, some national health insurance companies stopped coverage of surgeries involving power morcellation. Additionally, Johnson & Johnson took power morcellators of its Ethicon Inc. subsidiary, off the market.

The FDA came under criticism by morcellator cancer victims and their survivors, lawmakers and consumer advocates for not taking action sooner on problems regarding laparoscopic power morcellators. A Government Accountability Office’s report released earlier this year found the FDA was not aware of power morcellators problems because of its “passive” system of reporting problems with medical devices.

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