Disability Insurance Denied Claims | Long Term Disability Insurance Denial

Disability Insurance Denied Claims | Long Term Disability Insurance Denial

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long term disability insurance denied claim  reasons-insurance-companies-deny-long term disability claimsLong Term Disability Insurance is sold to millions of Americans each year. Additionally, many employers provide long term disability insurance for their employees. These long term disability insurance policies are designed to provide financial stability in the event a policyholder becomes disabled and can no longer work.

While these policies are sold on the promise of “peace of mind;” some of the largest and most profitable insurance companies in America ensure their continued fiscal stability by routinely denying the rightful claims of their policyholders. These “long term disability insurance denied claim” practices have been the focus of numerous national investigations.

Insurance companies operate to achieve one goal: create wealth for their executives and investors. This wealth is often generated at the expense of policyholders through unfair and fraudulent insurance claim denials. Disability insurance denied claims of long term disability benefits are a clear avenue to increase profits and improve their bottom line.

Disability Insurance Denied Claims and Bad Faith

Insurance companies hold a legal duty to their policyholders to act in good faith and fair dealing. If your insurance company has failed to uphold this responsibility(long term disability insurance denied claim) you are able to pursue recovery through a bad faith claim. Unfair and fraudulent disability insurance claim denial is an example of a way in which your insurance company has failed to uphold its duty. These unfair and fraudulent practices of denying insurance disability claims perpetrated by insurance companies have resulted in countless bad faith lawsuits throughout the nation.

If you have been denied your long term disability benefits (long term disability insurance denied claim), your insurance company may have claimed the following:

  • You failed to disclose a pre-existing health condition
  • Your medical examinations were insufficient or inadequate
  • The claim you filed was for a condition that is not a “covered” disability
  • That your disability is the result of a “sickness” and not an “injury”
  • There were problems with your paperwork or documentation
  • That you have a medical history indicating a pre-existing condition

While Insurance Executives watch their pay increase, the customers they owe a duty to watch their insurance rates and their long term disability claim denials climb as well. Facing these insurance disability denials could be devastating to your financial stability and could even result in the immediate loss of your regular income, loss or foreclosure of your home, loss of your savings and denial of your health care.

Disability Insurance Denied Claim and your Legal Options

Every state has laws banning bad faith insurance practices; however, large insurance companies have ample legal resources at their disposal to eradicate your disability insurance denied claim complaints. An experienced attorney with in-depth expertise in long term insurance disability denial will assist you in your disability insurance denied claim fight of your to reclaim the benefits and compensation that you are entitled to.

If you have been denied your rightful long term disability benefits, you have a right to take action against your disability insurance denied claim. You need an attorney that is experienced with the litigation of long term disability claim denials, and with our in-depth experience in this complex area of the law, Southern Institute for Medical and Legal Affairs is ready to assist you in your fight to recover your falsely denied benefits against a disability insurance denied claim.

Call Southern Institute for Medical and Legal Affairs now at (205) 547-5525 to speak with an experienced disability insurance denied claim attorney and find out if we are able to help you regain your denied disability insurance benefits. Or fill out the form on this page to request a free no-obligation disability insurance denied claim legal consultation.