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Syngenta Corn Seed Lawsuit | Syngenta Lawsuit

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Syngenta-Lawsuit-Corn-SeedWere you among the farmers, grain distributors, corn exporters and others who were financially harmed by Syngenta, Inc.’s attempts to sell GMO (genetically modified) corn seed varieties in China before they were granted approval in that country? It is estimated that U.S. agribusinesses lost billions of dollars after China began rejecting U.S. corn exports due to Syngenta’s actions. Now, numerous plaintiffs are pursuing Syngenta GMO corn seed lawsuits against the Swiss-based company in order to recoup their losses.

Southern Med Law, a law firm and consumer advocate providing legal representation to the victims of negligent corporations, is offering free Syngenta corn seed lawsuit reviews to any farmer or business who suffered economically because of Syngenta’s actions. Our attorneys possess the legal expertise needed to take on large corporations like Syngenta, and our legal staff is committed to ensuring that those harmed by the company’s practices have access to the type of aggressive legal advocacy that assures success. If you’re trying to recover financially in the wake of the Syngenta GMO corn seed debacle, please contact Southern Med Law today for a free Syngenta lawsuit review.

Syngenta Corn Seed Lawsuit Allegations

Syngenta-Corn-Seed-Lawsuit-2According to a growing number of Syngenta GMO corn seed lawsuits, the company marketed its Agrisure Viptera and Agrisure Duracade corn seed varieties in China before the products were approved for sale there. Beginning in 2013, China began rejecting entire shipments of U.S. corn that were tainted with the Viptera trait. Because China is a major market for U.S. corn crops, Syngenta lawsuit plaintiffs claim that this action crippled the market and resulted in significant losses for U.S. farmers. By September 2014, China had rejected more than 1 million tons of corn because of contamination with the Viptera GMO varieties. Plaintiffs claim that these rejections were one of the main reasons corn prices dropped 85% during the first 7 months of 2014, compared to the same period a year earlier.

Among other things, Syngenta GMO corn seed lawsuits allege that Syngenta misleadingly implied that China was on the verge of approving Viptera corn in order to induce farmers in the U.S. to plant the varieties. Because the seed was planted adjacent to other crops, substantial cross-pollination occurred on many farms. While Chinese regulators finally granted approval to the Viptera product in December 2014, that approval came too late to spare farmers in this country the significant financial harm caused by Syngenta’s allegedly negligent actions.

Syngenta Corn Seed Lawsuit Consolidation

Syngenta-Lawsuit-Corn-Seed-5In December 2014, all federally filed Syngenta lawsuits involving the Viptera issue were consolidated in the U.S. District Court, District of Kansas for coordinated pretrial proceedings. The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation consolidated the docket after determining that all of the pending cases shared common issue of fact regarding Syngenta’s alleged negligent and reckless commercialization of GMO corn seed varieties that had not been cleared for sale in China. The Panel found that the centralization would allow for the efficient prosecution of all pending and future Syngenta GMO corn seed claims by avoiding duplicative discovery and inconsistent court rulings across the docket, and by preserving the resources of the court, parties and witnesses. (In Re: Syngenta AG MIR 162 Corn Litigation – MDL No. 2591)

Legal Help for Those Financially Harmed By Syngenta GMO Corn Seed And Filing A Syngenta Corn Seed Lawsuit

Throughout his career, Dr. François Blaudeau has worked hard to develop a reputation as a strong legal advocate for consumers harmed by negligent corporations, and his leadership has made Southern Med Law an aggressive and effective advocate for those who incurred significant financial losses due to questionable business practices. If you were financially damaged by the Viptera corn seed debacle, please contact Southern Med Law today to learn more about your legal rights. You can arrange for a free, no obligation Syngenta corn seed lawsuit review by filling out our online form, or by calling the office directly at 205-547-5525.