Medical Negligence

Medical Malpractice Negligence

Medical Negligence

medical-malpractice-attorneyMedical Malpractice in America, according to The Institute of Medicine causes at least 44,000 Americans to die each year as a result of medical errors. That means that more people die in any given year from medical mistakes than from motor vehicle accidents.

Dr. Blaudeau has worked hard to develop a strong reputation in healthcare litigation. His first-hand knowledge of medicine allows him to recognize if what happened to a person is the result of professional negligence. Southern Institute for Medical and Legal Affairs, LLC is passionate about accountability for victims of medical care that falls below the standards the law requires.

Free Legal Consultations by Southern Med Law For Those Who Suffered Medical Malpractice

Southern Med Law is committed to protecting the rights of all individuals who suffered medical injuries due to malpractice, or injured in automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, commercial truck accidents, wrongful death and other personal injury cases do to the negligence of someone else. If you’ve been injured due to medical malpractice, Southern Med Law has successfully taken on various medical malpractice claims on behalf of their clients. Southern Med Law now offers free legal consultations to those who have been injured due to medical malpractice. Call 1-205-547-5525 or fill out our online form located on the website.