Reports Indicate Microcephaly Birth Defects Caused By Pyriproxyfen And Not Zika Virus


Zika Virus Birth Defects And Microcephaly Birth Defect Lawsuits That May Be Associated With The Chemical, Pyriproxyfen, which has links to Monsanto.

zika-virus-birth-defects-attorneyWhile reports have linked the Zika virus with microcephaly birth defects that causes babies to have an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain. Now other reports point to the chemical Pyriproxyfen as the possible cause of the congenital birth defect. There have been over 4,000 combined Zika cases reported int he U.S. and other countries. An Argentina-based doctor’s group and an organization of public health researchers report the Brazilian government sprayed towns with Pyriproxyfen. The mosquito spraying took place in 2014 as a way to eradicate the disease-carrying mosquito population there. The groups also issued separate reports that indicated the Brazilian government added Pyriproxyfen to the drinking water supply to prevent mosquitos from breeding in drinking water tanks. The towns where Pyriproxyfen was sprayed were the areas that saw an increase in microcephaly birth defects.

According to the PCST, Pyriproxyfen is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, chemical company based in Toyko, Japan that has offices in the United States. Sumitomo is also a business partner with Monsanto, which manufactures Round Up weed killer.

PCST said in its report that Pyriproxyfen alters a mosquito’s development process and causes malformations that disables or kills them. The towns where Pyriproxyfen was sprayed were the areas that saw an increase in microcephaly, a birth defect which may result in babies having an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain. Abrasco said larvicide like Pyriproxyfen should not be used to eradicate Zika-carrying mosquitoes because the chemical can contaminate the environment and people as well.

“Our law firm is investigating claims from the doctors’ report that the chemical larvicide Pyriproxyfen caused the microcephaly outbreak and microcephaly birth defects” says Dr. François Blaudeau, founder of Southern Med Law, who is also an attorney and a practicing obstetrician/ gynecologist.

Southern Med Law’s attorneys continue to speak with women and their families who believe their babies were born with microcephaly due to the Zika virus or the chemical, Pyriproxyfen. To speak with one of the firms attorneys and to explore your legal rights. You can call 1-205-547-5525 or fill out our online form located on the website.

In April, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that the Zika virus can cause microcephaly and other severe brain defects in newborns. The pregnant woman can pass the virus to her fetus during pregnancy or around the time of brith, according to the CDC. The federal health agency has warned pregnant women not to travel in areas affected by Zika including Brazil, El Salvador, and Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The warning came after expectant mothers who had traveled in Zika-affected areas and returned to the United States were giving birth to babies with microcephaly and other birth defects. CDC later received reports of babies with microcephaly being born in the United States.
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CDC officials said Zika virus can be spread through mosquito bites and sexual contact. There is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat the virus, according to the CDC. Men and women (who are not pregnant) who are infected with Zika will have no symptoms or mild symptoms that can last from several days to a week. Fever, rash joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes) are among the common Zika virus symptoms. To date, there have been 139 Zika virus cases acquired within the United States and 3,951 Zika cases acquired from travel to other countries.

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