Reports Show Lumber Liquidators Laminate Flooring Imported from China May Contain Toxic Levels of Formaldehyde.


Recent Reports Indicate Lumber Liquidators Laminate Flooring Manufactured In China May Contain Potentially Dangerous Levels of Formaldehyde And Could Cause Serious Health Risks Such As Cancer, Respiratory Problems, and Skin Issues

Lumber-Liquidators-Laminate-Flooring-Southern-Med-LawThe attorneys at Southern Med Law LLC are investigating a recent 60 Minutes report indicating that Liquidators laminate flooring imported from China may contain toxic levels of formaldehyde. The 60 Minutes report states that Lumber Liquidators is currently under investigation for the safety of their laminate flooring. Tests have found that the flooring imported from China may contain illegally-high levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde exposure is linked to skin problems, breathing problems, and even some increased risk for developing certain types of cancer.

Soutehern Med Law states “Lumber Liquidators, like many flooring companies, uses formaldehyde to glue together layers of the laminate flooring. Formaldehyde is an approved substance for gluing, but only up to certain levels deemed safe by the California Air Resources Board. While these regulations are currently for California, they will be the standard across the country later this year. The tests conducted by 60 Minutes found that 30 out of the 31 samples tested contained too-high levels of formaldehyde. Previous tests from third-party companies have also found similar results. The boxes containing the flooring tested all had labels stating they were CARB 2 compliant- the emissions standard for California.

“Reports indicate that Lumber Liquidators installs over 100 million square feet of flooring each year. This could mean that millions of Americans are at risk for formaldehyde poisoning and potential risks of serious illness from the unsafe levels in the Chinese-imported laminate flooring.” – Southern Med Law. According to CBS News, The laminate and hard wood flooring company brings in over a billion dollars in revenue each year and is one of the fastest-growing and largest retailers of hardwood and laminate flooring in the United States. Lumber Liquidators claims their flooring is safe and does pass current legal safety regulations, but the tests conducted by 60 minutes show otherwise. [, March 2015]

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According to the U.S. National Toxicology Program, formaldehyde is classified as a human carcinogen. Formaldehyde is used in many manufacturing processes as a gluing agent, but amounts used are strictly regulated in the United States to prevent formaldehyde poisoning. According to Dr. Elaine Schattner, a toxicology expert, formaldehyde is linked to several types of cancer, including nasopharynx and acute myeloid leukemia. Animal studies have found that exposure to formaldehyde can also cause genetic damage, a report by Forbes Magazine found. Dr. Elaine Schattner wrote in the article that low-level exposure, like the levels in the Chinese laminate flooring, could have a cumulative effect that could cause injury to humans and pets over time. [, March 2015]

The flooring company has not stayed silent on the issue surrounding Liquidators laminate flooring. In a statment released by the SEC Lumber Liquidators stated; “We stand by every single plank of wood and laminate we sell all around the country and will continue to deliver the best product at the best price to our growing base of valued customers,”
[, March 2, 2015]

Due to the possibility of toxic formaldehyde levels, class action lawsuits are currently pending against Lumber Liquidators in California’s Alameda Superior Court California (Case No. RG14733979). This is not the first time legal action has been taken against the company. In 2014, Lumber Liquidators was sued by Global Community Monitor in an ongoing suit.

This is not the first time Lumber Liquidators has been implicated in illegal activity. According to The Global Community Monitor, Last September, U.S. believed the flooring company vilated the Lacy Act and seized company records when authorities raided Lumber Liquidators’ headquarters in Toano, Va. The Lacey Act prohibits the import of illegally harvested hardwood. Shortly after the Environmental Investigation Agency believed Lumber Liquidators was selling illegally logged timber from forests in Russian Far, and was linked to illegal logging in the Amazon by Greenpeace.
[, July 2014}

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