Xarelto Bleeding Lawsuit News: Study Shows Higher Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding When Taking The Blood Thinner Xarelto


Xarelto Bleeding Lawsuit Attorneys At Southern Med Law Are Evaluating Legal Claims Of Patients Who Suffered Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Brain Bleeds And Other Health Complications Allegedly After Being Prescribed The Xarelto Blood Thinner.

Xarelto-Lawsuits-Southern-Med-Law-AttorneyXarelto Bleeding Lawsuit News: Users of the Xarelto and Pradaxa blood thinners have a higher risk of gastrointestinal bleeding than patients who use the warfarin blood thinner, a study in The BMJ has found. Xarelto bleeding lawsuit claims have been filed on behalf of patients who allege that they have experienced gastrointestinal bleeding, brain bleeds and other life-threatening bleeding events as a result of using Xarelto, which does not have an antidote to reversal the blood thinner’s bleeding side effects.

Researchers reviewed a health insurance database of patients in the United States who were prescribed rivaroxaban (Xarelto), dabigatran (Pradaxa), and warfarin (marketed as Coumadin and Jantoven). Of the total sample of 46,163 patients, 39,607 used warfarin, 4,907 used dabigatran, and 1,649 used rivaroxaban from October 1, 2010 to March 31, 2012. Although the rates of gastrointestinal bleeding seemed to be similar in the sample of patients, researchers said they could not rule out as much as a 50 percent increase in the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding with dabigatran compared with warfarin or twice the risk of bleeding with rivaroxaban compared with warfarin.
[bmj.com/content/350/bmj.h1585, The BMJ, April 24, 2015]

“The findings of the study are not surprising,” comments Dr. François Blaudeau, founder of Southern Med Law. “Lawsuits being filed over Xarelto contend that patients who are taking the anticoagulant are experiencing more serious bleeding episodes compared to patients who are prescribed warfarin.”

As both an attorney and practicing physician, Southern Med Law’s Dr. François Blaudeau possesses a unique understanding of the medical and legal questions relating to Xarelto lawsuits. If you or a loved one experienced life-threatening internal bleeding or other complications allegedly associated with Xarelto, please contact the Southern Med Law as soon as possible to learn more about your legal rights. You can arrange for a free, no obligation Xarelto lawsuit review by calling Southern Med Law today, at 205-547-5525.

Xarelto is an oral anticoagulant approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce the risk of strokes, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE), and blood clots in patients who have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery. The blood thinner is also approved to prevent blood clots in people with atrial fibrillation, and treat DVT and PE. Xarelto is manufactured by Bayer Healthcare and marketed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson & Johnson.
[fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/DrugSafety/UCM280333.pdf, FDA, December 2014]

Xarelto and Pradaxa are considered new generation blood thinners since they were launched on the U.S. market five years ago. Warfarin is the oldest anticoagulant because it received FDA approval in 1954. The newer blood thinners have been marketed as being more convenient for patients since regular blood monitoring is not needed as it is for patients who use warfarin. However, warfarin has an advantage in that it uses vitamin K as an antidote should bleeding occur whereas the new blood thinners do not have antidotes, according to the FDA.

Federal Xarelto bleeding lawsuit claims are centralized in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana for consolidated pretrial proceedings. Bellwether trials for four Xarelto cases have been scheduled for February, March, April and May of 2017. The Xarelto complaints accuse Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals of failing to warn doctors and patients about the bleeding side-effects associated with Xarelto and the lack of an antidote that reverses the side effects of the blood thinner. (In Re: Xarelto Products Liability Litigation, No. 2592)

About Southern Med Law and Filing A Xarelto Bleeding Lawsuit: Throughout his career, Dr. Blaudeau has worked hard to develop a strong reputation in healthcare litigation. His first-hand knowledge of medicine has made the Southern Med Law team aggressive and effective legal representatives for those who were harmed due to negligent pharmaceutical companies. If you or a loved one were harmed by Xarelto, please contact Southern Med Law today to learn more about your legal rights. Call today for a free, no obligation Xarelto lawsuit review by filling out our online form, or by calling the office directly at 205-547-5525.

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